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When flying into Los Angeles, you can’t miss a view of this sprawling city. Welcome to always up to some good Inglewood! Home to the soon to be completed, brand new Rams Stadium and the Chargers National Football teams, you certainly can’t forget the world famous Forum entertainment arena and the iconic Randy’s Donuts.

This fiercely independent, extremely robust place is home to the young and old alike. Founded in 1888, the under 10 square miles of bountiful, tree-lined neighborhoods boasts a rich architectural mosaic that ranges from the vintage charm of single family cottages to the regional richness of Spanish style bungalows. Not to be outdone, as this city’s cultural landscape has matured there is a burgeoning community of modern architectural renaissance that affirms a potent and diverse local economy.

Located only 7-minutes east of LAX, it boasts quick and easy access to all major freeways and several major beaches.

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